un film documentaire : WILL YOU LIVE PAST 100?
Réalisateur : Directed by Sophie Nahum
Durée : 45" '
Année : 2009
Producteur : Daniel Leconte


Anti-ageing medicine, cell therapy, bionic man, organ culture, regeneration… This documentary film is a journey into the laboratories where the medicine of the future is being developed. Dr Christophe de Jaeger, director of the Institute of Ageing in Paris maintains that cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the first two causes of mortality, however these diseases can be anticipated! Anti-ageing medicine, which is often misunderstood, is a kind of Chinese medicine, prevention is better than cure. Tomorrow we will maintain our body just like we maintain our car.  We will keep the proper ph in the fuel, we will fix the used parts, and we will even change the failing parts… These replacement parts will be devices or they will be created based on our own body's cells. We've already observed that a child's severed phalanx could reconstitute itself. One day we hope to appropriate the incredible ability of the hydra or the salamander, capable of self-regeneration: that is to say grow one's own organs again. This dormant ability exists within our cells. Postponing death, the ancient dream of mankind, has been an all-time recurrent theme of Science fiction. But today reality seems even stranger than fiction. This film, based on astonishing stories and amazing footage, takes us into the near future.